Sustainable, Symbiotic, a Breaking Down of Walls in Support of Small Farms


An Ancient History

From Puebla, Mexico comes a corn that has grown in the region for over 10,000 years, nourished by volcanic water, and harvested century after century. ZEA grass of course had many species, but corn-maize is the one most world renowned for its purpose as a food base. Our ZEA maize, genus ZEAmexicana, holds a captivating secret, and that is the extraordinary role it played in the evolution of our civilization.  ZEA, the name that has origins all the way back to ancient Greece, is embodied in what our team is producing for public consumption.  This grass, or genus ZEA corn-maize specific to the Tlaxcala region of Mexico, dates back to the Mayans cultivating this ZEA-maize on the exact ground we cultivate our corn for Zea Spirits. We invite you to journey with us on our exceptional adventure with our premium spirits brand, as we celebrate the spirit of ZEA.

Within the richly-hued kernels of corn we uncover an ancient tale of cultivation and discovery. Thousands of years ago, the indigenous peoples of the America’s harnessed the extraordinary potential of ZEA and transformed it into a staple food source. Through their ingenuity and reverence for nature, they unveiled the secret hidden flavors and essence of the corn in the foods grown in the area. One only needs to visit the region to experience the broad array of flavors.  Our ZEA family of Spirits seeks to capture the absolute essence from these magnificent grasses, creating a new legacy of transformational spirits never seen in the region, and created to endure for generations in the same manner as the grasses of the fields.

ZEA Spirits embody the ethos of this ancient grain. Crafted with heart and soul working closely with the farmers in the fields, the university professors creating new and unique, soon-to-be-patented processes, our maximize the ritual and the artistry of distillation.

Every sip of our meticulously crafted spirits is a testament to the enduring power of ZEA.  A refined symphony of flavors becomes a journey through history.

ZEA Spirits Focus on Sustainability

Embracing sustainable, organic farming through environmental stewardship, our spirits brand is committed to nurturing the earth that sustains us. We honor the ancestral lands that ZEA flourished upon for centuries by ensuring sustainable agricultural practices and supporting local farming communities. Our dedication to ethical sourcing and responsible production ensures that every bottle of our exquisite spirits is a toast to the harmony between humanity and nature.

Our sustainable farming practices ensure that our product is free of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, transgenic plants, or antibiotics and growth-enhancing steroids, or other chemicals. This is critically essential to ZEA spirits as we want our products to mimic the natural symbiotic relationships between nature and mankind. 

Ways to Join ZEA On Our Journey

We invite you to join our family in this creation, and a new way of doing business that promotes equality, sustainability, shared wealth, cohesiveness in managed expectations, and nation building.  Our ZEA Spíritu will transport you to an era where nature’s secrets were revealed, and the ethos of the grass came to life in flavor. ZEA spirits takes it to another level of tasting in our soon-to-be-patented process of distillation.

Click the ZEA link below to find out how you can personally become a part of this great journey.

A coming soon Kickstarter campaign will allow you on the inside of ZEA Spirits carpe diem global moment.

  1. Secure first production cases
  2. NFT’s, (non-fungible tokens) and
  3. Exclusive private experience escapes to Puebla, Mexico featuring premiere hotels, hacienda’s thousands of years old, tastings at our ZEA House, and tours of the farm, fields, and homes enjoined with culinary experiences beyond your expectations.

We will all raise our glasses, and toast to the eternal spirit of ZEA-mexacana, the catalyst that shaped our world and continues to inspire through ZEA Spirits.

Our Vision is Audacious

Our long-term vision is to embody the principles of sustainable agriculture, and a more symbiotic relationship between the Americas.  The strife we encounter in the world today is not conducive to the survival of mankind.  In working together, we believe we can sustainably meet the agricultural needs for all of mankind, while also creating jobs and tearing down walls.

ZEA Spirits is about robust synergy, a collective team made up of scientists, financial institutions, universities, and prominent business associates from the United States and Mexico partnering to build a sustainable future anchored in healthy, all natural, organic, and innovative offerings that bolster the economic stature of both nations, while environmentally strengthening the foundation of the farmers’ producing our products.

Artisanal process

Criollo maize


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