It All Begins with Carefully Guarded Heirloom Maize Seeds...

and some high-powered Ph.D. Level smarts to sprout it in a fraction of time, using a patent-pending, proprietary process that maximizes the potential health benefits of the grain.

Then paired with a revolutionary nuclear magnetic resonance, a DNA analysis now in use in the wine industry, to establish the unique fingerprint of our variety.

Ensuring against all counterfeits…

Master Distiller Carlota Montoya Directs Our Process…

After Sprouting the Grain comes the Malt Extract

produced by converting corn starches into fermentable sugar.

then Fermentation

we carefully extract the energy from our sugars in the absence of oxygen.

Finally Distillation

The components of the fermented liquid are separated through evaporation and condensation by heating the mixture on a copper still.

Only the desired esters for ZEA’s unmatched aromatic profile are selected on the third distillation preserving the spirit of our maize.

ZEA Spíritu

“To Your Health!”


Organic Ancient Maize Using Heirloom Seed Lines

Free of Congeners

Free of Artificial Flavors & Colors

Rich in Polyphenols