6 Mexican spirits that are not derived from agave

Bethany Platanella

September 8, 2023


is at the heart of Mexican drinking culture. Without this lustrous plant, we’d be denied many a uniquely Mexican moment. A weekend in Jalisco without tequila? A festival in Oaxaca without mezcal? A random Tuesday lunch with friends without a light, fresh margarita?  

No, thank you.

What would one do here in Mexico with, say, an aversion to agave? I’ve done some research, and I’ve got some answers. Each of the following six spirits is produced right here in Mexico and none is a product of the agave plant.

Maize vodka

What’s it made of?  Organic corn.

Maize vodka has a milder, sweeter profile than potato-based varieties. (Casa Zea)

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