A Tale of Ancient Maize

And Sustainability

With a Focus on Smaller Farms in Central Mexico

Proprietary Sprouted Grain Technology

Cutting Edge Science Yielding Unprecedented Benefits

ZEA is Set Apart

The rich volcanic soil of La Malinche volcano nourishes our maize.

A unique, technological development in the distillation process ensures a genetic imprint—sort of a biological fingerprint, to add inherent reliability, and security to our family of spirits.

A glorious patience surrounds our system of producing ZEA Spirits. We rely on ancient farming practices and sustainable techniques which are not guaranteed each year. After a painstaking planting, growing, and harvest cycle, we then soak the precious kernels in a proprietary blend of life-giving liquid. Patiently waiting for germination—literally life from the dead. This patent-pending process is harnessing truly incredible benefits in our final distillation process to produce the finest spirits in the world.

Every sip of our smooth, clean-tasting spirits, is a sensory celebration of the rich, authentic flavors from the fields of the Puebla-Tlaxcala valley.

Germinating ZEA

From Puebla, Mexico comes a corn that has grown in the region for over 10,000 years, nourished by volcanic water, and harvested century after century.

Our ZEA-maize, genus ZEA-mexicana, holds a captivating secret, the extraordinary role it played in the origins of our civilization. The Mayans cultivated ZEA-maize on the exact ground we sustainably farm our corn for ZEA Family of Spirits.

We invite you to journey with us on our exceptional adventure with this premium spirits brand as we celebrate ZEA Spíritu.

ZEA Spíritu

Journey to an era where nature’s secrets were revealed, and the ethos of the grass came to life in flavor.

Unveiling the Essence

Hidden deep within multi-hued kernels of maize lies an ancient tale of cultivation and discovery.

Heirloom Maize Spirits

Lovingly distilled from the most representative grain of Mexico: Maize. Derived from the interior states a carefully guarded seed line, preserved free from genetic modification, always organic, submitted to and reliant upon nature’s cycles providing gentle rains at the perfect times to produce a crop as it has been for thousands of years.

The Creation of a Masterpiece

A beautiful blend of tradition, craftsmanship, & innovation—the result, a truly outstanding and original family of spirits, created with art and passion in every bottle.

Ethos of an Ancient Grain

Every sip of our meticulously crafted spirits is a testament to the enduring power of ZEA. The symphony of flavors becomes a journey through history.

Casa ZEA

An Ode to our Maize—enjoy a fully authentic immersion: local food, local chef, and the first tastings of our flagship ZEA Maize Vodka small batch bottles are available as of the 1st of October, 2023. 


Science-Based Distillation

An intelligent approach to create a unique, and soon-to-be patented, sprouted grain fermentation process.

Crafted heart and soul in close partnership with the organic farmers in the fields and our renowned university professor:

Dr. José Enrique Herbert-Pucheta